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Category: Mark Juleen

Local Inspiration from Hoosiers at the Super Bowl

3rd February

It’s Super Bowl week in Indianapolis.  The atmosphere is all a buzz, and the committees and local groups that organized the event have done an incredible job.  It’s inspired me to make sure and be a part of more local events.  I think yo…

Responsive Website Design

27th January

Have you heard the buzz about responsive website design?  What is responsive design you ask?  With the plethora of mobile and tablet devices on the market today it’s a huge challenge to create mobile versions of websites that work for everyone.  Or is it?  In comes responsive design where a website automagically adjusts to fit [...]

The Resident Connection 2012

19th January

I trust your year is off to a good start.  I know mine has been busy with beginning to plan out the website overhaul for J.C. Hart, planning new social media strategies, and evolving our email marketing efforts.  As I plan out all of those initiatives for J.C. Hart I’ve also been working on my [...]

Episode 82 – What I do with that extra 10 minutes

30th March

We’re all really busy with so many things being pushed at us.  A lot of people have asked me how I fit everything in.  The quick answer is that I try to take as many of those 5-10 min breaks I get and create something.  Sure, I take breaks as well, but all the downtime [...]