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Category: Search Engine Optimization

Stop Link Building, Write Good Content

14th August

If you’ve been hearing about Google Panda and Google Penguin, but still aren’t sure what they are, just know that it’s Google’s way of saying, “Stop trying to trick us. Give us the good stuff.” If you’re not a search engine optimization wonk, I’ll explain it this way: Two years ago, you could win Google [...]

Repeat Your Blog Topics for Better Performance

7th August

A lot of bloggers worry about the problem with repeating their blog topics. They think they’re going to bore readers or keep them from coming back. But that’s actually the opposite of what’s going to happen. Here are three reasons you should repeat your blog topics: 1. You need to teach Google. When you first [...]

Google’s Version of Facebook’s “Like” Button – +1

31st March

OK, this is different (yet kinda similar), but it’s definitely one of the better “social” plays Google has made.  With the Google +1 button, you can tell people in your Google network what websites, blogposts, webpages, etc. that you (essentially) like.  What’s pretty cool about it is that when you are logged into Google and [...]