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Facebook Closes the Like-Gate: What That Means for You

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11th September

As you’ve probably heard, Facebook will get rid of like-gating on November 5. For years, brands have used like-gating to prompt Facebook users who haven’t already “liked” their page to do so before they can see content, redeem a coupon, or enter a contest. Like-gating increases Facebook fan numbers so, predictably, not everyone has welcomed […]

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Twitter Analytics For All Users Now Available

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28th August

Numbers nerds rejoice! Twitter is finally providing all users with data on their tweets. Previously, this information was only available to advertisers and a limited number of other users. There are three dashboards of information, including: Tweet act…

#ALSIceBucketChallenge & Social Media: 3 Must-Reads

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22nd August

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen several ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos come across your Facebook News Feed. Check out these three must-reads to learn more about this social media phenomenon. 5 Social-Media Marketing Lessons From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge By Robert Tuchman The IceBucketChallenge, when it’s all said and done,

Snapchat: The Stash Pocket Of The Millennial Generation

21st August

360b / Shutterstock.com The brilliance of Snapchat is its capability to be in a digital social space where one has no fears of being found out. Most popular amongst ages 13-25, Snapchat is an app only made for mobile phones, with bills paid by parents….

Your Selfies Tell A Story, Prepare To Get Creeped Out

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14th August

  Think about all the photos you take in a week, in a month, how about the last six months. Think about all of those pictures, not just of you, but of your friends. Places you’ve gone, things you’ve eaten, exercise routines you’ve started, ballgames, concerts, movies, vacations, on, and on, and on. Now think